Sad Fairytale

I was always inspired by traditional dresses and especially traditional Slavic dresses that I believe underrepresented in art. =) So here is Ukrainian girl bust based on traditional dress and headpiece from Vinnichna region.
Round ornament was inspired by Mucha of course =) and Russian traditional wooden carving.
Concept and sculpt by me.
Short video with polypaint down here =)
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Alina ivanchenko slavic bust all

Zbrush BPR render + Post production in Photoshop

Alina ivanchenko slavic bust01
Alina ivanchenko slavic bust04
Alina ivanchenko slav bust keyshot01

Render in Keyshot

Alina ivanchenko slav bust keyshot02
Alina ivanchenko slav bust keyshot03

Stylized female face Polypaint in Zbush

Alina ivanchenko fairytale03

Printed and assembled kit =)
Avaliable on Etsy -

Alina ivanchenko fairytale01

Printed and assembled kit =)
Avaliable on Etsy -