Speed sculpts dump / March 2019

Bunch of speed sculpts finished by March 2019
Mostly done as an exercises and designed in Zbrush, no concept art used ;-)
To help you follow my videos if you want - here my Zbrush UI - https://gumroad.com/l/IUsTq (created for organic & character sculpting)

Alina ivanchenko sybil 02

Fate of Sybil
Bust I started and finished over my Zbrush live stream
Zbrush, Vray

Alina ivanchenko sybil 03

I wanted to do some Art nouveau style jewelry

Alina ivanchenko sybil 07

Fate of Sybil
Start approx 1h 50

Fate of Sybil Stream
Polish stage

Alina ivanchenko grethhen as4

Gretchen from Faust. Quick exercise in Sculptriss pro mode.
Zbrush, Keyshot

Alina ivanchenko grethhen as3
Alina ivanchenko grethhen as

All sculpted in one piece except for roses and roses sculpted from spheres

Alina ivanchenko deer king

Great sacrifice of a Deer King
Lunch crunch sculpt
Zbrush, PS for post prod

Alina ivanchenko samhain02

1 h Lunch sculpt full of happy accidents ;)
Zbrush, PS