Sphere Challenge

I did this for Zsphere challenge that was part of Zbrush 2018 Beta test.
And I choose this Picasso painting as a base for my sculpt because I wanted to communicate an Idea that Art has no limits whatever its French painting of 100 years from now or digital media sculpt.
I haven't follow painting "as it is" because I wasn't aiming to do exact copy :D Just my own interpretation ))
You can find my Keyshot lighting set up on the bottom.

Alina ivanchenko shere sculpt keyshot01


Alina ivanchenko shere sculpt keyshot03
Alina ivanchenko shere sculpt keyshot color01y

Translucency test in Keyshot

Alina ivanchenko sphere challenge zbrush
Alina ivanchenko light setup keyshot

Keyshot scene set up