Russian Stream Work - In-Progress

I working on that sculpture during series of streams on Official Pixologic channel.
Here you can check my Broadcast schedule
So I decided to put together the progress and gonna update this page after each stream ;-)
My stream schedule is available here -
This is traditional Russian dress and and headpiece called "Кичка" [KIchka]
This is Wiki article in Russian

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My initial sketch.
I usually working without any sketch but for the stream I did quick doodle so people can see what's in my head ;-)

Alina ivanchenko reference board

This is my reference board.
Slavic traditional dresses is an endless source of inspiration for me =)

Alina ivanchenko 01 body pose

1 st step - Rough posing of basic body mesh. 2 - Adding the main shapes (cloth and hair) Just to make sure it looks good together.

Alina ivanchenko 02 refine pose

2 stream - refine pose /face hair.
Turning of symmetry. The only subtool that's still in symmetry is Girl face.

Alina ivanchenko 03 refine pose

Lets start to work on Cat now - first i want to create cat mannequin so I can try few poses with it.
My all time inspiration is Thomas (you can reah his story here -

Alina ivanchenko 3rd

3rd Stream.
More reining for pose and face.
I also brought parts together and was working on headpiece jewelry During the stream.

[RU] Alina Ivanchenko - Создание стилизованного персонажа в ZBrush с нуля - Episode 2 (skip to 3s)